25 Jul 2014

Talking Beauty with Kit Chan

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Last week, Kit Chan was named the first local ambassador for the Shiseido Vital-Perfection range. We spoke to the 41-year-old songstress about ageing gracefully, the importance of sunblock and that thing she wishes she hadn’t done.

styleXstyle: As the the ambassador of an anti-aging range, what does aging gracefully mean to you?
Kit Chan: 
It really starts with the mindset because it translates to how you would wear your hair or the kind of clothes you’d pick. You shouldn’t be afraid of ageing and try to cling on to the past. You have to be self-aware, and that self-awarness has to be very up-to-date. You can’t be holding on to what you were in your 20s so if you could just keep up with it, you would naturally age gracefully.

sXs: Who, in your opinion, has succeeded in that respect?
KC: Xiao Fang Fang and Audrey Hepburn. I remember seeing Audrey Hepburn when she was much older. There was something about her that looked the same, yet different. She looked the same because of her inner spirit and not because she was trying very hard to look like what she was still having Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It’s also about accepting the signs of ageing.

sXs: If you were to give your 20-year old self one skincare advice, what would it be?
KC: Sunblock. I didn’t start using sunblock until I was in my 30s. I used to do terrible things to my skin like tanning during my teenage years. Fortunately, I was young and my skin managed to recover from the burns.

Fast forward to my 30s, I read a book that talked about beauty and skincare, and I remember that the author said that if you were to do only one thing for your skin, let it be sunblock. So my make-up artist friend and I decided to do an experiment where we would put on sunblock everyday for six months and see what happens. There was a big difference, and the people I’ve met started saying that I look really rested and fresh, and asked me what I did to my skin. I told them the story, and I’ve been using it religiously ever since.

sXs: From performing on stage to working in a corporate environment and going about your daily life, how do you wear your make-up in the three varied scenarios? 
KC: Andy (Lee) did my make-up today, I can’t do this on my own. I actually wear very little make-up outside of work. But when I went to work in the corporate world, I had to wear more make-up than I would on an ordinary day because you had to face people. When I’m not on stage, I really don’t care but if I had to put something on, it usually means just mascara or lipstick.

Kit Chan with host of the Shiseido Vital-Perfection Exclusive Preview Party, Maddy Barber.

sXs: We heard you worked on a movie with Oak3 Films recently. Can you tell us more about it? 
KC: It’s called Miss J Contemplates Her Choice, and it will be released some time this year. I play Miss J, and the movie is about making choices.

sXs: Speaking of choices, do you regret any you’ve made?
KC: Eating potato chips last night? (Laughs)

sXs: Haha. What about beauty-related mistakes?
KC: I belong in the first batch of drama students in LaSalle (College of Arts), and you can imagine I was pretty rebellious at that time. I wanted to be different, so I would wear black and blue lipstick. It wasn’t very attractive, but they did sell them!


8 Apr 2013

A closer look at The Final 1 judges

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19 Mar 2013

Kit named one of the judges of “The Final 1″

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SINGAPORE: Hype Records boss Ken Lim, veteran singer Kit Chan and the original Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah, have been named judges on Channel 5’s upcoming televised singing contest “The Final 1″.

The trio will be on hand to critique the performances of the contestants, and give them advice over the course of the competition.

“Ken Lim understands the business aspect of the industry and the marketability of an artiste.

“Kit Chan is a household name and brings with her experience as a very successful local artiste. Taufik Batisah has been in the contestant’s shoes and will be able to relate to them.”

“We picked them because we were looking for a good balance between experience, youth and knowledge about the music industry,” explained “The Final 1″ Executive Producer Rahmat Bin A Samad.

However, the most important people on the show will actually be the television viewers.

Who stays and who goes is decided completely by audience voting.

A total of 60 contestants will be selected to take part in “The Final 1″, but only 10 finalists will make it into the final stages of the competition, and only one will take home the big prize.

“The Final 1″ has one of the biggest payoffs in the history of local reality shows – the winner of the contest will walk away with a S$100,000 prize.

“The Final 1″ debuts on April 24, 8pm on Channel 5.


source: CNA

15 Mar 2013

HK Asian-Pop Music Festival 2013

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香港亞洲流行音樂節2013 宣傳片
參加今次音樂盛會的觀摩表 演的巨星包括:內地-中國好聲音的吳莫愁和李代沫,香港-謝安琪,台灣-炎亞 綸,日本-KEITA橘慶太,韓國-少女時代,新加坡-陳潔儀,馬來西亞-阿牛。 角逐「亞洲超級新星」榮譽的歌手則有:內地- MIC男團,香港-陳僖儀,台灣 -曾昱嘉,日本- BREATHE,韓國- Andamiro,新加坡- MICapella,馬來西亞- MOJO

1) 3月9日上午10時或下午6時於官方網站 www.hkamf.org 登記;
2) 3月9日至14日期間 於 騰訊微博官方網頁 http://k.t.qq.com/k/香港亞洲流行音樂節2013 回答簡單問題索取。

Source: HKAMF Facebook

11 Feb 2013


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Concert in the 2nd half of 2013!

3 Aug 2011

Kit Chan 2011 Concert

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22 Jun 2011

Devotion《阿娣》Theme Song

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30 Mar 2011

Kit on HK TV

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[2011-03-27] 陳潔儀 Kit Chan @ JSG (HD)

[2011-03-31] 陳潔儀 Kit Chan @ 今日VIP

[2011-04-02] 陳潔儀 Kit Chan @ 范後感

29 Mar 2011

Kit @ Chiu Tsang Hei’s concert

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source: 星光燦爛 http://www.brilstar.com/

28 Mar 2011

Kit on HK radio

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21 Feb 2011

Kit sings her way Home

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The national icon was the undisputed star of the otherwise unsatisfying show that was not quite a musical or a concert

Local singer Kit Chan’s comeback is complete. After announcing a hiatus from the Mandopop scene in 2004, fans started seeing more of her last year with a lead role in the musical, December Rains. Last month, she released her new album Re-interpreting Kit Chan.

But what fans wanted most of all was to see her perform live once more as a singer, and so tickets to her two gigs at the Huayi Chinese Festival of Arts were quickly snapped up.

They were not disappointed. She was in fine form and her rich, warm tones, particularly in the lower register, kept the audience captivated on her familiar hits such as Heartache and Tug Of War.

As a not-quite-musical and not-quite-concert however, My Musical Journey was not quite satisfying.

There was a chronological narrative arc, delivered by former deejay Danny Yeo onstage, to give some structure to the programme. But it merely felt like an overlong gushy testimonial from a friend and fan.

The time would have been better spent having Chan do her thing, considering that the show was a relatively short 90 minutes.

Nor did the segments provide much of an insight into her musical journey. And even if there had been any interesting anecdotes or poignant reminiscences, one would rather have heard it from Chan herself.

The decision to have her perform with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra and the Meridian Junior College Choir worked better. It was certainly a novelty hearing pop songs presented in this unusual fashion and the plaintive erhu solo of Worry was a lovely interlude.

For the most part though, the orchestra and choir played a supporting role as the unmistakable star of the evening was Chan.

She was delicate and vulnerable on the Cantonese ballad Waiting, beguiling on the late Leslie Cheung’s Chase and she shone on the show-stopping Dazzling. She even took the hoary old chestnut that was The Moon Represents My Heart and made the hackneyed sentiments sound heartfelt.

The inclusion of several covers was not surprising given that her new album consists wholly of them, but it does point to a certain conundrum.

Despite releasing more than 10 albums, she has relatively few big, well-known hits. It would be interesting to see how she handles the line-up when she gets round to doing her solo pop concert.

For the encore, she gave fans a mash-up of Michael Buble’s Home and her signature song, Home. While she was relaxed and comfortable on stage throughout, it would have been nice to see more of this playful side of her.

The gig proper ended with the Mandarin version of the Dick Lee-penned Home. As she held court with this National Day song in her white blouse and full red skirt, the message was clear: A national icon was back where she belonged – on stage and in the spotlight. She was home.

Straits Times . 15-Feb-2011

By boon chan, media correspondent