Kit Chan 陳潔儀 – Unplugged 不插電

“I wish Kit included that song in her concert acoustic segment…”
We always hear this comment after Kit’s concert, and we feel you. And she does, too 🙂 We know she can’t sing every single song on your wish list, but she picked some of your top favorite and put them all in one medley -《陳潔儀 • 不插電》Kit Chan Unplugged.

《For My Girl》

The team:
Vocalist/Song list curator- Kit Chan
Last-minute Arrangers - Tony Chong, Diya Tan & Kit
Guitarist - Tony (Gheetaman)
Percussionist/Enthusiastic fan – Diya ( 插班生 the Freshman)
Backup Vocalist/Editor/”Meow” – Carrie Yeo (插班生 The Freshman)
Camera(wo)men – rebecca toh, photographer (assisted by Daphne Ng)
Producer - Saffron Communications

Missing some of Kit’s other hits? Join us at Kit Chan Spellbound Homecoming Concert on 10 Sept!

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