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Kit on “A Date with Vani” 0

Kit on “A Date with Vani”

雲妮鍾情vani有約會~陳潔儀 (HK radio station) .asf format (playable with Windows Media Player) (right-click and choose “save as”)

SWL conductor mentions Kit 0

SWL conductor mentions Kit

The conductor of the very first Snow.Wolf.Lake run mentions Kit’s performance and an incident that happened on the opening night. [ Listen ] *link thanks to kisquare 🙂

Exclusive interview about NDP song 1

Exclusive interview about NDP song

独家:陈洁仪畅谈国庆演唱感受 9 August 2007 董素华 新传媒新闻报道,完成演唱国庆庆典主题曲的重任后,本地歌手陈洁仪接受新传媒记者董素华的访问,同观众分享她的感受。 本地歌手陈洁仪1998年第一次在国家体育场演唱了第一首国庆主题曲《家》。阔别十年,陈洁仪再唱国庆主题曲《我只愿留在此地》,时隔10年,感受有什么不同?。她曾经离乡背井,最终选择回到新加坡。国庆庆典怎样加强归属感?陈洁仪是否会考虑复出? 想了解详细内容,请点击观看独家访谈视 source: (click on video icon to view) Thanks to eudora for the link

NDP 2007 Recap 0

NDP 2007 Recap

MobTV will be putting up the repeat broadcast of the National Day Parade at Marina Bay 2007 up for FREE viewing for the period of 10-31st August. Click here to sign up and watch.

There’s No Place I’d Rather Be 3

There’s No Place I’d Rather Be

NDP 2007 song > Click here to listen > Click here to watch music video Source: Official NDP website

PillowTalk with Kit 0

PillowTalk with Kit

The old interviews with Kit on class95 are finally available on podcast and direct download on this website: * Thanks to Yaz!