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Kit Chan 陳潔儀 – Unplugged 不插電

“I wish Kit included that song in her concert acoustic segment…” We always hear this comment after Kit’s concert, and we feel you. And she does, too 🙂 We know she can’t sing every...


我是歌手‬3 – Message From Kit

Thanks for your concern on the status of the latest results for I Am A Singer! Here’s a message from Kit for all her supporters: Whilst I have often been called Singapore’s “national treasure”,...

Kit’s message – June 2009 7

Kit’s message – June 2009

(click to enlarge) Thanks to bigcat for the chinese translation! (*edited slightly) 親愛的小貓貓們: 真的很久很久, 超久地沒有寫信給你們了, 我想過用EMail傳給你們, 但想想有些人會更愛我”草很大”的楔形文字! 😛 回來的感覺真好, 看到那麼多來自不同地方的你們, 又聚在一起到香港支持我的表演, 讓我好感動. 即使到凌晨一點, 我的頭髮被拉得好緊, 好像快爆炸了, 我還覺得充滿力量. 謝謝你們給我滿滿的幹勁! 這幾年過得好快, 我們都變老, 結婚成家(好吧, 我還沒…..), 甚至為人父母, 遷往異鄉, 再度進修, 轉換工作等等....