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Talking Beauty with Kit Chan

Talking Beauty With Kit Chan By Arissa Ha Last week, Kit Chan was named the first local ambassador for the Shiseido Vital-Perfection range. We spoke to the 41-year-old songstress about ageing gracefully, the importance...

Rough Cuts (Okto) 0

Rough Cuts (Okto)

Rough Cuts The Kit Chan Interview Sunday 20 February 9:30pm, only on okto! (Encore telecast on Wednesday 23 Feb 11pm) Trailer:

Kit Chan: A boy’s object of fantasy 0

Kit Chan: A boy’s object of fantasy

By Shivali Nayak, Multimedia Journalist HOMEGROWN singer-actress Kit Chan is not married, and motherhood is still out of the question for her. But in her feature film acting debut in Lover’s Discourse, she had...

Xin MSN interview for Lover’s Discourse 0

Xin MSN interview for Lover’s Discourse

Video: Kit Chan has never met someone who can sleep anywhere anytime like Eric Tsang before! 陈洁仪从没见过像曾志伟可以随时随地睡觉的人!

New album pre-order 3

New album pre-order

There will be a phone interview on Yes933 on 14th Dec 2010 (Tues) at 9am. Overseas fans can tune in online. Pre-order of Kit’s new album will be available at the Popular Bookfest. Details...

8 days – Survival Kit 0

8 days – Survival Kit

Excerpt: Life’s so good for KIT CHAN, 37, that she relishes having a few bumps along the way… but not when she’s behind the wheel of her stylish Audi Q5 SUV. (right-click, save as…)